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Composite Insulators

001Medium and high voltage composite insulators CS for voltages from 24 kV to 750 kV.

Insulators are made from high quality fiberglass rods ECR. Use of the method of galvanizing of hardware to a thickness of 80 microns protects the product against corrosion.
The use of technology termodiffusion monolithic protects against splitting surface notched valve on the network and guarantees the protection of a much larger area than in the case of galvanized coatings. This is achieved in addition better coverage through immersion in dissolved zinc.

Insulators are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61109.

The guarantee covers three years.

The time of use is no less than 25 years.

The advantage of our company is individual approach to each order. This ensures our customers receive the highest quality products tailored to your needs.

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Composite insulators
  Composite insulators
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